Good weather for airstrikes

Party lights fade away on weekend
I say "See you again" to my friend
"Hurt again...!"

I feel lonely when I think I can't see you
my beloved one..."Prince Charming"
I won't forget our time we spent

yeah...I'll miss you

Everything is coming to the end

Joyful time with you "slipped in a flash"

When I close my eyes I dream of you

Yes, I don't mind becoming Devil
If I can have your heart but maybe will
...not be in full bloom "Help me!"
I'm in Unlucky love mood...

Everything is came to the end
I wasn't ready to fall in love
but now I'm crazy about you,
I'm thinking of you day and night

Yes, I don't mind becoming Devil


Tengo ganas de jugar y jugar y jugar y jugar RPGs hasta morir. Especialmente Skies of Arcadia.

En un ratito salgo de viaje a Merida. :( 

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